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Mood Myst



Made from an organic herbal extract of Lavender and Lemon Balm.

People love this all natural scent.  It’s wonderful as an air freshener, or for when you feel the need to feel calm and refreshed in your own little space.  Some customers also spray their pillows with it before bedtime for a restful sleep. Just a tip, you may want to test a spot of the fabric before you spray your whole pillow to make sure it doesn’t stain.



Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel* extract of organically grown Lavender and Lemon Balm in 14% organic alcohol*, Water, Less than 1% organic essential oil of Lavender* and Lemon.

*USDA Certified organic

About the ingredients:

Witch Hazel has many uses documented in old medical history.  It has a fresh and revitalizing scent.  Just a small inhale can result in a rapid pick-me-up for those times when you are feeling a little blue.

Many are aware of the naturally soothing and wonderful smelling properties of lavender, but did you know that breathing in the smell of lavender may also help lower your heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state?   Some of us can use this type of help not just to during the day but to help go to sleep.

Lemon balm is a natural anxiety reducer, but has also been known to improve mental clarity, concentration, and relaxation.  Of course since this may help decrease stress and anxiety, it can also promote better rest.

A touch of Lemon oil was added, not only for its calming nature and scent, but also to help heighten mental clarity.  Its properties are touted to help remove stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, exhaustion, and dizziness. It can recharge the mind and help shift into a positive outlook while cleansing negative sentiments.  It is believed that inhaling lemon oil helps increase concentration and awareness.


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  1. CG

    Smells beautiful!! I’m incredibly sensitive (borderline allergic)to artificial smells so I can’t use anything that’s scented. This spray left my room smelling great and the smell didn’t bother me! Can’t wait to try it on my pillows like one of the reviewers suggested.

  2. CR

    I like spraying the mood myst onto my pillows before sleeping or sometimes just before a planned nap. Breathing it in slowly puts me into a deep relaxing sleep. My fiancee also likes the smell, it’s suitable for both men and women.

  3. KD

    I really love the lavender room spray.
    The light fragrance of garden makes me calm and happy!

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