The DR HRB Story-

As a young medical officer in the military, I returned from the Middle East with skin changes and several vague symptoms. These gradually worsened for years until the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease, or Hashimoto’s, was made only to be followed a few years later by thyroid cancer.  I finally had to set aside my roots and traditional medical ideas and turned naturopathic and holistic methods, after years of trying to recover to wellness.  Wanting to help others in need, I sought out certification in holistic health and nutrition, where I learned that true health wasn’t just about maintaining a balanced lifestyle and eating organic.  It’s also about ridding my environment of all the chemicals possible.  My husband joined me in this philosophy, which lead to the purchase of a local property with a breath taking organic garden and nursery in Sayville, NY.

In a place of true healing, I began to learn about some of the properties of the plants around us, from natural anxiety reducers, immune boosters, natural anti-inflammatory agents for joints, to easing indigestion, and of course insect repellent.  As a pretty profound insect attractor, I had my own need for an all-natural insect repellent that works.

My desire is to share this very special place, natural healing, and way of life to others, one piece at a time.